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Welcome To The Landing

The Landing is a podcast dedicated to the Pacific Northwest's timber industry.  I go into the brush with industry professionals and start a conversation about the hardships facing the industry today.  We touch on topics from reforestation and land stewardship to recruiting the future generation of forest workers and equipment technology. 

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My Story

I grew up in the industry and the majority of my life worked in an industry related to the wood products sector.  My dad owns a small reforestation business so I have seen the hardship associated with owning a small business in the timber industry from a young age.  My first job outside of the family business was at a local rigging shop casting quick nub wedges and then building rigging.  My Dad was seriously injured in 1987 in a logging accident so he steered me away from a career as a logger.


After high school I went to the local community college and earned an Associates of Applied Science degree in Welding and Fabrication Technologies.  I have been a professional welder and fabricator since 2009.  I quickly found out that structural fab shops and manufacturing weren't my thing. I went to work for a couple industrial contractors for a few years chasing shutdowns at paper mills, lumber mills, veneer mills and chemical plants, until my wife got tired of me being gone all the time.  From there I went to work for a local drilling and crushing outfit where I worked my way into a service truck welding on their equipment.  I had the opportunity to go to work for an independent heavy equipment repair shop where I learned line boring on top of my fabrication and welding skills.  They say that some things happen for a reason and I think without working there I would have never had the opportunity to move into my current full time job at the local John Deere dealer.

Two years ago I decided to start my photography business. I love photography and I love being in the woods sharing the stories of some of the best people I have ever met. I do my best as a freelance photographer to share these things through photos and video. I think this podcast will be the perfect platform to take a deep dive into some of the difficulties the industry is facing moving into the future.

Listen Here

Find "The Landing" where you listen to your podcasts or click the link above to listen on Apple Podcasts

Contact Me

If you or someone you know would be a great guest on the podcast please reach out, I'd love to talk to you.

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